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First look. First touch. First love. New life. You're going to want to remember every detail of your baby's birthday. We make that possible through the art of photography! You can count on us to capture the most pivotal moment of your life. We guarantee that there is nothing like seeing and touching your baby for the first time and being able to have a photo of that moment. With our special set of skills and experience we know how to capture your story beautifully while still keeping it 100% real. 


We provide informational, physical and emotional support throughout pregnancy, birth and the immediate postpartum period. We hold space as you use the power you had within all along.

Fresh 48's & Siblings Meet Sessions

These sessions held within the first 48 hours of baby's life are a special way to honor your newest joy. We'll join your family at the hospital, birth center or home and document the sweetness that is falling in love with a new baby in a casual, relaxed, fresh way.

BIRTH films

A truly precious keepsake from the day of your baby's birth. Our birth films bring life to the same fleeting, once in a lifetime moments captured in our birth photography services in a deeply unique  way. The emotions of movement along side a personalized soundtrack create a beautiful treasure for your family.


Getting into the photograph is very hard when you are a Mom. We try to snap pictures of our children with our smartphones but rarely have captured memories of ourselves interacting with our children, with the exception of the classic selfie-pose. We love to celebrate your womanhood with a lifestyle photography session with your family. Whether you breastfeed, exclusively pump, formula feed, or a combination of methods we want to freeze this moment in time for you to cherish.

Maternity & Newborn Milk Baths

It is incredible how our bodies change and grow in pregnancy. We believe all expecting Mothers are beautiful Goddesses. Maternity milk bath sessions are unique, special and more fun than a traditional session. We also do milk bath sessions for our newborns as well. We are one of the few photographers that do this kind of unique photography and the ONLY photographers in Pittsburgh that use and supply you with a real claw foot tub!


We loved working with Jess for the birth of our son! We hired her as both a doula and birth photographer. I was so glad that she felt confident being in both roles at one time, because both of these things were very important to me. She did an excellent job and went above and beyond the call of duty!
— Adrienne
What differentiates Kate from a lot of other great photographers is that you immediately want to be best friends with her. In a situation where emotions are high and tears are shed, she kept a smile on her face and ours. The entire experience from the initial meeting to the review of the photos was so easy and comfortable. I can’t say enough good things about her personality, her support, and her gift for capturing the essential moments with the perfect shot.
— Justin