National Breastfeeding Week 2019

Pittsburgh Mothers Breastfeed At Point State Park


Hi Yinzers! Jessica Thomas and Kate Csallner of Pittsburgh Born Photography here. We are both photographers in the Pittsburgh area that specialize in birth, maternity, motherhood and newborn photography. Our passion with our particular set of skills is to empower women and families in their journey into motherhood.

Last year we had a dream of photographing a bunch of breastfeeding Pittsburgh mothers and their little ones on the Andy Warhol big yellow bridge. We planned, executed and the result was EPIC! We vowed to do it again, so won't you join us either again or for the first time for another epic photographic moment in our beautiful city of Pittsburgh! Let’s make this year’s photo EVEN BIGGER!!

Point State Park

breastfeeding mother at point state park
Breastfeeding in Pittsburgh
Mother with children at pittsburgh fountain


An invasion of awesome Pittsburgh mothers in an epic group feeding photo opportunity in our city! We want to celebrate and empower women of the Burgh, even others in different parts of the country. 


We are looking for Mothers in and around the Pittsburgh area who are currently breastfeeding their children. We recognize that looks different for every family so exclusive pumpers, part-breastfed part formula feeders, tube feeders, etc. are all welcome. We are hoping to attract all forms of motherhood, ages of children, and diversity. 


Because it's really awesome! Because it empowers women to feel confident in feeding their babies in public places without fear. Because we like to celebrate women. 


Saturday, July 20th at 7:30PM at Point State Park near the big foundation. We know that can be a bit late for our little ones but we hope you can plan and make an exception for this event. We want beautiful golden sunset photos like you see above! Mini Sessions will take place before the group photo. If you sign up for a mini session we will ask you to come a little bit earlier to the location for your photos!


Every participant will receive a digital copy of the group photo! 


$0 for the group portion! We want as many mothers to be able to participate without the stress of a fee and want all women regardless of their financial situation to have equal opportunity to be a part of our event. 

We will have awesome mini-breastfeeding sessions before the group portion for one-time-only price of $40 for 3 edited digital photos with print-release. Additional photos can also be added on for a small additional price at the time your gallery is available. 

Please sign up using the form below to RSVP your spot. We want to have an awesome large turn out for this once in a life-time epic shoot. Your information will allow us to plan accordingly, and email you details on what to bring and wear. Entering your RSVP also gives you the chance to win a free mini-session after the group photo portion (please also Like our Facebook Page, and share our original post to complete your entry)! 

PLEASE SHARE THIS EVENT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!!!!! We can Accommodate so many women in this location so let’s spread the word together.

All information is confidential and is for the event only. We are not affiliated with anyone and will give out your information, spam you, or sign you up for anything.

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Tell us your journey with breastfeeding or bottle feeding, how long you've been at it, and what has empowered you as a parent.
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Mini sessions are $40

Last Year’s Group Photo!

Pittsburgh Born Celebrates National Breastfeeding Week 2018

Pittsburgh Born Celebrates National Breastfeeding Week 2018