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Skipping down the hall to operating room for cesarean
Breastfeeding assistance after birth with pittsburgh doula
Using Rebozo and heat pack in birth with doula

We are experts in childbirth, and in our local area...

It is easy today for expectant parents to experience decision fatigue with the overwhelming amount of decisions they are expected to make for the birth of their child. The role of a birth doula is to help your family navigate through the various options available to you, prioritize what you as a couple feel is most important, and make the birth process a little easier.

Jess and Kate both understand the importance of your birth and want you to feel empowered by your choices and decisions. We help families of all different birthing philosophies and will always offer guidance and support without preexisting bias or judgement. 

Jess and Kate would love to be a part of your birth team as your doula-photographer and provide you with the quality emotionalphysical, and informational support you deserve.